Looking for Alaska

As far as the mind rings the bell, it was noontide when my eyes scrutinized the face fairer than the evening air Clad in the beauty of thousand stars, the roseate pink top, azure blue denim, and winsome eyes flipping through the felicitous novel of John Green, the only lucky bastard in direct communion with the flimsy hand of yours.

What would not I forgo just to gaze(not awkwardly ) at that outlook for day long?
It was not waiting for a train at NDLS that prolonged my suffering but the slightest castle in the air of getting to know each other.

The beta pursuit followed that evening when I traveled all the way to your domain just to endure the aura around the cubby hole.
That time eyes witnessed the allurement of that lasting exhibit. Your eyes looked bewitching and dazzling that they may ever look still scrounging that benign book.

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