My Honest Thoughts about Birthdays and Celebrations!

Today, I’ve just turned 24, and as I reflect on my life, I realize I’ve likely experienced around a third of it already. This phase has been all about growing into a sensible adult, one who prides themselves on having rational arguments. However, just like everyone else, I have my fair share of insecurities, with birthdays being the number one trigger.

Birthdays encompass a perfect blend of nostalgia, overwhelming emotions, and insecurities. While I enjoy the attention I receive from everyone, it also stirs up a craving for even more recognition. I find myself becoming picky, yearning for special attention from someone dear to me, whether it’s a crush, old friends, or peers. This craving can sometimes leave me feeling insecure, torn between feeling petty and deserving, and the whole experience becomes quite overwhelming.

To find solace in this whirlwind of emotions, I’ve established a personal tradition for my birthdays. Most of the day is spent in self-reflection, journaling, setting new goals, connecting with new friends, and playing games. But above all, the day wouldn’t be complete without watching Wall Street 1987, a movie that I’ve been enjoying for over six years now. It holds a special significance for me, as it represents the lifestyle I’ve aspired to embody, particularly the character of Gordon Gekko.

Birthdays also evoke a rush of sweet and sour memories from the past, like savouring the special kheer and pudha my mom lovingly prepares, enjoying the unique fast food from Gautam or Shera, and occasionally visiting China Town from Arya Smaaj. Each memory finds its way to touch my heart in a meaningful way.

It’s fascinating how a seemingly ordinary day for others holds such profound significance for me. Despite the mixed emotions, I’m always grateful for the experiences and connections that birthdays bring into my life.

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