Imprisoned yet free, free yet Imprisoned!

The sun rose with a golden glow, filtering through the mackerel clouds signaling the end of the reign of the dark-starless sky.

Howling wind thrashing through the boughs of treetops, agonizing their moan. As the wind became more feral, a mystic with the name of Peripas appeared gliding through the dissipating fog fluttering against the wind, reneging the dogma with its free soul.

Alighting to the nearby murky castle with a causeway that crossed the moat was slick with moss and algae, painting it an eerie green. 

It was believed that Iynx was imprisoned there in the metal ribs of inhibition, kept under the security of an old key keeper – who had a fringe of grey-white hair around his balding, mottled scalp

. He made sure that the seed of hope and freedom of thought would never be implanted in the kingdom of misery and tyranny.

 But, as the Peripas alighted to the metal rib of Iynx, it witnessed the very appeal of Iynx – the light crimson shade of the skin, covered with porcelain feathers and as the wind swayed the jet black hair which throbbed its heart.

It wanted to set Iynx free of all the dogma but as it flapped towards it, he could feel the vividness of the trapped murky castle attracting to its cause.

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