The Girl I Haven’t Met

He was fazed by the beam of light that hit his spectacles, as he wiped his sweat on that sticky warm morning.

His eyes were drawn to the golden stream that gently caressed its way down her neck, reaching just underneath her shoulder blades sponged up by the t-shirt with three white stripes.

A small smile flashed across her face from beneath the long black hair which created slight dimples and creases that moved her freckles.
She was holding this cuddly, black puppy who could for the moment feel the inclination towards something eternal and not just survival.
She was like the Aphrodite fused with Venus, who made self-claimed billboard princesses lose a dimension and look plain and sham even solaced by PhotoShop.

This was the tangibility of something robust and real which felt to have created an aura of true radiant vibes which made him dazzle for the short-never ending moment.

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