The Orchestra of Loneliness

The mainspring uncoiled and gears amid the timekeeper ployed the hand to 6

.The damp bandshell full of mugginess hushed to King’s carriage. There were many who felt the warmth of intimacy with Ludwig’s toil but the king owed no allegiance.

Ludwig budged his wand and the three cellos twitched G Major, diffusing the rabble to utopia propelling them to ponder their inner self.

Amidst the swarm of fallacious dismayed was a round peg for square hole gawking his way to the almighty princess, the one considered to be the prettiest in the seven kingdoms.

Her dainty blue eyes, the epicenter for the epitome poetry of the era. Her hair was like the silken strands of crested corn, black as if a jewel in disguise. Skin white as a pearl, deep in the wild blue sea.

The only thing that this pirate-sailor could do was see and unhand the sail and be deaf to what Ludwig was up to. All Ludwig after 275 years could do is, see history repeating itself.

A lad being deaf to Ludwig’s Sonatas for gawking the white pearl jewel with blue dainty eyes and black silky hair.

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